Terms & Conditions

By agreeing to our terms and conditions you as a customer of The Peach Palmetto understand that you are receiving a handmade product. 

Processing/shipping of your product is a minimum 4.5-5 weeks unless otherwise stated in the product description.  The Peach Palmetto will contact you in the event there is a significant delay in your order.  Any questions/emails pertaining to the shipment of your order prior to the 5 week mark will go unanswered. 

Shipping is conducted on weekends from Friday to Monday mornings.

5 week timeframe is counted by the day of the week you place your order.  Example: If you place your order on WEDNESDAY 1 Apr 2020, your 5 week timeframe will be WEDNESDAY 6 May 2020.  Your order should ship no later than the weekend of 8-11 May 2020.

Additionally, if the customer fails to input the correct shipping address, he/she will assume the cost to reship the package.  Reship listings are available on the website.  Customer must select the listing appropriate for their order size.

It is the customer's responsibility to track their order.   The Peach Palmetto will NOT reach out if an order is returned to our location.  Please check spam inboxes prior to contacting the shop for a shipping number.  The shop uses both Shopify and Shippo as a means to ship packages.

Failure to sign into your store account will result in the forfeiture of any points accrued with your purchase.

Failure to subscribe to emails/marketing from The Peach Palmetto will result in forfeiture of waitlist positions.

The Peach Palmetto reserves the right to cancel any order purchased with a coupon if the product being purchased in coupon prohibited. Example: The Instant Collection

Combining orders is completely at the discretion of the shop owner.  Any requests to combine orders will go unanswered.