Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Where can I purchase The Peach Palmetto pops?

    All pops can be purchased during the various release sales referred to as ”drops”, via the Peach Palmetto site:
    Please remember this is not a continuous sale, once the item is sold out for THAT drop, it will not be available for purchase again unless it is re-released during another sale or waitlist (if available).

  2. I am currently on the site, but I do not see any items for sale? How can I purchase a pop?

    There will be several announcements made via this site and the social media platforms informing all customers of a new sale. This is the only time that the pops are available for purchase. Flash sales will happen occasionally and will not be advertised with more than an hour in advance.

  3. How often do you have a sale?

    Our sales occur every approximately every 1-2 months.

  4. Is there anyway we can submit a custom order for the listed pops?

    Unfortunately, we are not accepting any custom orders for the currently listed pops except through waitlist orders.

  5. Where can I find an estimated price listing for previous released pops?
    An estimated price listing for pops can be found in the “The Peach Palmetto” group on Facebook under “files” at the top. Prices can also be seen via the Shopify storefront.

  6. Why is there a difference in the pricing for each pop?

    Each pop is made with a different material depending on the look I am going for. The material varies between acrylic pearl gems to genuine Swarovski crystals. The size/ shape of the pop also can affect the pricing.

  7. Where can I find an image of previous released pops and future release pops?

    All pictures can be found on the Peach Palmetto Instagram page “thepeachpalmetto” or you can view them in the FB group under the “photos” tab.

  8. How can I find out about restocks?
    Not all pops that were previously available for purchase will be restocked during a new sale. For more information on new sales, please see our Facebook group or Instagram page.

  9. I was unsuccessful at obtaining a pop, can my name be added to the waitlist.

    The waitlist is currently not open for additional names, there will be a post made in theFacebook group when it is open again for a limited number of names to be added.

  10. What is available to purchase on the waitlist?

    All previously released pops are available to purchase via the waitlist if the material is still in stock. When it is your turn on the waitlist to make a purchase, you will be notified as to what is in stock.

11. What is the time frame for my name to come up on the waitlist?
The waitlist is just that, a WAIT LIST. We try to remove a certain number of names off of the list each month to allow more names to be added. Remember, all pops are handmade by one person so the removal time frame may vary from month to month.

12. How often do you re open the waitlist?

I have set a quota for myself to allow so many names to be removed, so the list can be re-opened every 4-6 weeks, if that quota is met.

13. If I was previously on the waitlist, can I add my name again once it is open?

Yes, if your name was on the waitlist previously you are more than welcome to re add you name to the waitlist once it reopens if slots permit. But please remember, your name can not be on the list more than once at the same time. (Example currently slot number 45 and slot number 100). If your name is listed more than once, it will be removed to be fair to others.

  1. How am I notified that it is my turn to place my order on the waitlist?

    You will be notified via Facebook messenger. You have 48 hours to respond to the message with the name of the pops and to successfully make the purchase before I proceed to the next name on the list.

  2. I did not respond to the notification to place my order on the waitlist in time, can I still submit my order?
    Unfortunately, to be fair to those who are on the waitlist, the timeframe for a response and payment can not be adjusted for any reason.

16. How many pops can I buy off the waitlist?

As many as you would like.

17. When it was my turn on the waitlist a pop I wanted was not available, but now it is. Can I make a request to purchase it?
Unfortunately, as previously stated, all pops are available as the material is available. We try our very best to keep all material in stock, however if the company is out of stock at that time, then this is unavoidable. There are times in which a pop is rereleased during a “drop” as the material is available and you are more than welcome to purchase it at that time.

18. How many pops can I buy during a “drop”?

Unless, otherwise stated you can buy as many as you are able to purchase.

19. There was a flash sale but I was not notified via email, why is this?

The flash sales occur when I am testing out a new product or have some time in between projects to release a set amount of pops. All flash sales will be announced via the Facebook group with no more than one hour advance notice.

20. What is the time zone that you are currently operating in?

Eastern Standard Time.

21. How long does it take for me to receive an order?

The current time frame for all orders to be shipped is up to 3-4 weeks from the time of purchase not including the delivery time.

22. Why is the time frame for me to receive an item that far out?

All pops are handmade by the owner of the shop. To ensure great quality for each customer and each purchase, each pop goes through several quality checks before shipping. This is in addition to performing customer service activities.

23. Can an order be placed without setting up an account?

Although we would like to have all customers to create an account, we understand that everyone is not willing to do so. However, if there is an error or you would like to view previous purchases, creating an account is more efficient.

24. Can I have my order expedited to me?

All orders are shipped via USPS using one shipping method. Expedited shipping is not currently available.

25. Do you ship internationally?

Yes, we are currently shipping internationally. Please click on the international shipping option when placing an order.

26. Do you ship to P.O. Boxes?

Yes, we are currently shipping P.O. Boxes.

27. Can I cancel or make changes to my order after it has been placed?

There will be no cancellations or changes made to any order after your order has been submitted. Please review your order to ensure you are selecting the correct item before purchasing.

28. I placed the wrong shipping address in while placing my order can this be corrected?

Please notify me within 24 hours via of any errors in your shipping.

29. My item was marked delivered but I did not receive it.

The Peach Palmetto is not responsible for items lost in transit/not delivered by the local postal carrier. At times, USPS will mark an item as delivered and deliver it within the next 2 business days. If you have not received this item, after 2 business days of it being mark delivered please contact your local post office.

30. What is the return policy?

All sales are final.

31. I received a damage item, what is the next step?

All items go through 2 quality checks before shipping. However, if you do receive a damaged item please take a picture of the item and email us In the email please include your order number and the picture of the damage. We will do our best to rectify the situation.

32. Is there a warranty on the pops if something happens to it weeks/days after I receive it?

There is no warranty available. All items are tested for normal wear and tear. Proper caring of your pop can insure the longevity of it.

33. How to properly take care of your pop?

While your pop is made with only the best materials we are able to source, they still require a certain level of care. Please do not leave your pops in extreme cold or heat as this may affect the adhesive. Additionally, pops made with clay elements are considered FRAGILE. Please exercise care when transporting them. When using your Stoned pops/accessories, please try not place your fingers directly on the stones. The oils from your skin could eventually change the color of the stones on your pop.

34. What payments do you accept?

All major credit cards are accepted, apple pay, and PayPal.

35. Do you have access to my credit card/payment information?

No, I do not. Your credit card information is securely stored and we only receive a notification that a purchase has been made. We receive our payment for the item via Shopify. Please see their terms and conditions on storing payment information.

36. I placed another order before my previous order was shipped, can the orders be combined with a refund on the additional shipping cost?
To efficiently ship out all orders in a timely manner, a refund on multiple orders is not available at this time. If you complete more than one order, your orders may or may not be shipped within the same box.

37. What is the turnaround time for me to receive a response from customer service? All emails will be responded within 48-72 business hours. We do NOT answer emails on weekends and holidays.

38. Are there any discount codes available?

Please check the Facebook group for flash codes throughout the year. Additionally, PEACHLIFE is good at all times for 10% off your order.

39. Is there a reward program?

Yes there is!  Please look for the "Blingback" tab at the bottom right hand of your screen to access our Blingback rewards program.

40. What social medial outlets are you currently on?

  1. Facebook Group – The Peach Palmetto

  2. Instagram - “ThePeachPalmetto”